• Font in use - Unionwell Window Signs

    Font in use - Unionwell Window Signs

    Unionwell Window Signs Gold leaf window signs designed with Ephemera Sickles and Ephemera Fascia fonts. Hand-painted and gilded with 22ct gold leaf, variegated leaf, imitation gold leaf, and abalone shell.
  • Gold Leaf Letters - Reverse Glass Gilding Process

    Gold Leaf Letters - Reverse Glass Gilding Process

    Reverse Glass Gilding Process Video showing the traditional glass gilding process, lettering with acid etched texture and mirror finish on the outline, water gild using 22ct gold leaf, and abalone inlay in the middle of the letters. Font in use : Ephemera Sickles • Ephemera Westshore • Ephemera Fascia • Ephemera Catchwords Thes 04
  • Interview - Jason Carne

    Interview - Jason Carne

    If you've jumped into the lettering and typography industry in this digital era, we believe this man will always pop out in your learning process. And in this early of 2021, we are truly blessed with his decision in joining the bandwagon of Ephemera Fonts Contributors. Without any further ado, let's jump into the conversation with the mighty Jason Carne. Jason Carne is a...
  • Quick tips #1 - Art Brush in Adobe Illustrator

    Quick tips #1 - Art Brush in Adobe Illustrator

    At Ephemera Fonts, we always strive to create user-friendly products. In this post, we demonstrate how to use the Ephemera Flower Pack as a graphic element in vintage design. by converting the graphic into an Art Brush in Adobe Illustrator to make it more flexible and efficient when designing. Get the Ephemera Flower Pack for free here. Step 1 -  Add Fill with Pathfinder...
  • Interview - Gary Godby

    Interview - Gary Godby

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      Proudly introducing you another contributor to our beloved Ephemera Fonts, the one and only Gary Godby. Living life as a Lettering Artist since 1970 and never stop loving the industry until today. Gary Godby specialized in Glass Gilding and Sign Painting in this creative industry, that took him to the one of everybody's dream job like working with Disney. We are going deep...
  • Tutorial Create Block Shadow in Adobe Illustrator

    Tutorial Create Block Shadow in Adobe Illustrator

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    Create Simple 3D Block Shadow using Appearance Panel in Adobe Illustrator. 3D shadow effects are kind of popular in Ephemera Sickle's poster design. Making 3D Block Shadow using the Appearance Panel is very easy and useful for our workflow. We don't need to Expand or make Outline to our font in this method, so the text is still editable in the future. In this...


    Hi!! I' am very exited to introduce new content on my website. It's called "FONTCISE", since i practice everyday (yes, I was too busy with practicing) and i made so many fonts are not used instead,, thats why i created this "FONTCISE". on the Fontcise, I will share the result of my practice font with all of you and of course I guarantee this font is worth to...
  • Unionwell Box Packaging Design.

    Unionwell Box Packaging Design.

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    Box packaging design for Unionwell Supply co. Unionwell is a brand established in Indonesia since 2012, in a “motorcycles and Vintage culture” as a spirit and “Music and Art” as a soul, the Asian label offers a range of original piece with hand lettering and vintage illustration. an honor to work with this brand.
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