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Ephemera Sickles

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A debut from the most anticipated vintage digital typefoundry by Gilang Purnama and Ilham Herry, who stucked their mind, body and soul back into the first era of 18th century. They build this intense visual-time machine that no one capable before. Started by the visual branding of the Ephemera Fonts, they bring every letters of it to the another level of journey. They called it Ephemera Sickles.

Ephemera Sickles is a ornamented letterhead style typeface-inspired by the era of victorian (1800-1900) and this style was commonly used by engrossers at the turn of the century to embellish official documents, such as diplomas and other certificates. Carefully crafted for every single letters with the soul of Sickels Lettering, Spencerian, and some research from the Penmanship Journal book.

The style is named after Charles Sickels, who headed the art department of Electro-Light Engraving Co. in New York City during the early 20th century.

There’s no doubt that such a very strong presence typeface like Ephemera Sickles will bring a powerful identity to your visual project. Will be a perfect joint for a logo, visual branding, poster, beer label, packaging, classic bar decor, vintage hotel, et cetera.


OT Feature : aalt, frac, kern, liga, ordn, salt, sups, ss01, ss02, ss03, ss04, ss05

Glyph Count: 290

Support Language : Western Europe

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