NS Philapost Font Family

Novi Souldado

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Philapost was inspired by the Blackletters era of typeface, specifically Textura. Existed in Western Europe, from approximately 1150 until the 17th century.

Reminiscing about the domination of Blackletter styles in every visual hierarchy from multiple industries. We talk about the newspaper, books, headlines, signs, architectures, cemetery, manufacture, and many more.

As the life goes on, the historical aspect is still inevitable. Nowadays, the blackletter style of typeface got modernized a lot in the form of a print and digital media. Magazines, journals, movie titles, album artwork, signage, merchandise, events, branding, logo, and massive possibilities in graphic-design-based industry and business.

Armored with a well-designer Opentype Features such as various of Stylistic Alternates and Ligatures that makes your visual statement historical, yet remarkable. And the majestic touch is a bonus, of course.