Tutorial Create Block Shadow in Adobe Illustrator


Create Simple 3D Block Shadow using Appearance Panel in Adobe Illustrator.

3D shadow effects are kind of popular in Ephemera Sickle's poster design. Making 3D Block Shadow using the Appearance Panel is very easy and useful for our workflow. We don't need to Expand or make Outline to our font in this method, so the text is still editable in the future.

In this tutorial, we will share how to make simple 3D Block Shadow with the Ephemera Sickle font using the Recolor technique in the Appearance Panel.

 Check out more for the detailed process in this video:

  • Work with Appearance Panel

In this video, we will show you how to combine the Bevel & Extrude effect, Transform, and Offset Path in Adobe Illustrator.

  • Recolor Artwork

You can still change the color of the effect that has been applied, by selecting the object than change fill or stroke color in the appearance panel, you can see the details on image below.

And that's how it works. We hope you enjoy and thank you so much for joining the session till the end. Feel free to drop any comments if you have any questions regarding the video.

Happy Designing!

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