· By Ilham Herry


Hi!! I' am very exited to introduce new content on my website. It's called "FONTCISE", since i practice everyday (yes, I was too busy with practicing) and i made so many fonts are not used instead,, thats why i created this "FONTCISE".

on the Fontcise, I will share the result of my practice font with all of you and of course I guarantee this font is worth to use. and the good news is,  this font is free for commercial used, you can use it for your project.

Fontcise #01 is Samton Font, it come with 15 style, with Basic latin character, Samton was created when I practiced about axes coordinate. This font has a weight and width axes. with 4 masters and interpolated to 15 fonts. it's free for commercial used.

Hope you enjoy the font. Any feedback are welcome, you can write in the comments column below. your feedback is more than welcome and it help me to devolop my skill.

Happy designing!



  • Thank you Ilham!

    johnny feron on

  • Thank you for such a beautiful font.

    Joel on

  • I like it/them, they are very readable, and have a nice old American west feel to them.
    I could see aged, print worn versions being popular with these styles too.

    Brian Fuelleman on

  • Amazing! I can’t believe you are giving away such beautiful, high-quality work for free!

    Steve Dallape on

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